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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning
complete systems and spares

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ( MHI )air conditioning equipment has established itself as a leading product in the Industry.

Their success is due to the reliability of the air conditioning equipment and competitive pricing structure.

They offer one of the largest product ranges from the wall mounted split systems up to Heat Recovery VRV systems. Three ranges of equipment is offered within selected models, Standard Inverter, Micro or Hyper Inverter, mostly utilizing the same internal fan coil unit.

The Hyper Inverter will allow up to 100m of refrigeration pipework to be installed, unmatched within other manufacturers ranges.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry FDTC Compact Cassette  
Capacities from 2.50kw to 5.60kw
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry FDT Cassette  
Capacities from 4.00kw to 14.00kw
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry SRK High Wall Mounted Air Unit  
Capacities from 2.50kw to 10.00kw
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry SRF Floor Mounted Unit  
Capacities from 2.50kw to 5.00kw
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry SRR Slim Ducted Unit  
Capacities from 2.50w to 3.50kw
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry FDUM Ducted Unit  
Capacities from 4.00kw to 14.00kw
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry FDEN Ceiling Suspended Unit  
Capacities from 4.00w to 14.00kw
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